Troy Furness

CPA, Director

Troy’s great desire is to use his experience in business – successes and failures – to help other business owners. As a former owner of several SMEs, Troy has seen first-hand the impacts of inadequate planning. Looking back on his many years in business, Troy credits successes to having a plan and failures to having an incomplete plan or none at all.

As a business owner, Troy sought more from his accountant than simply annual compliance – a proactive approach that would provide him the information needed to make timely, strategic decisions. This is the vision he brought to Rochdale; and by using the technology available to him, Troy hopes to share success with his clients.

A keen triathlete, Troy competes annually in the Mooloolaba and other triathlons, the challenge of the sport driving him to push himself further each time. Not surprisingly, he approaches the sport with the same philosophy as he does business – with a clear plan leading into each race, focusing on his own goals and performance rather than that of competitors.

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